TEACH – The Educational Alliance of Canford Heath

A Multi Academy Trust

Vision and Aims

It is the belief of the Multi Academy Trustees that conversion to being a Multi Academy Trust will provide a strong and well-tested legal entity through which we are able to create stronger partnerships and collaborate more for the benefit of our children and community.

Trustees believe that, in order to meet the needs of our community, having a shared strategic vision will be a powerful method of ensuring standards are raised, and that the four schools become effective and viable organisations in a time of financial constraint.

Our Trust hopes to not only transform the life chances of every pupil that passes through it but to also have a lasting and positive impact on the wider community as well.

We will aim to:

* Take collegiate responsibility for improving the life chances of children within our Trust, raising aspirations and promoting lifelong learning ;
* promote excellence and continuity of teaching and learning for all our pupils;
* build a coherent, creative and inspiring learning journey by working together and, with our local Secondary schools, ensure effective transition to each new stage of learning;
* ensure consistently high expectations of achievement across all of our schools:
* work effectively with parents and carers, professionals and the wider community to promote health and well-being, always seeking to promote the right conditions in which children can thrive;
* share resources and work with external partners to widen the range of opportunities available for our pupils and their families and
* develop a highly skilled workforce by providing effective professional development, and sharing expertise

The Trust seeks to

Raise attainment by:

* increasing aspirations among pupils and parents/carers and all those who work with children;
* improving the quality and consistency of teaching and learning;
* creating the right conditions for effective learning and
* harnessing and sharing resources in the interests of learning.

Increase Aspirations by:

* encouraging parents/carers and professionals to have high expectations of pupils, enabling them to have high expectations of themselves;
* enabling those who attend Trust schools to acquire the skills and attitudes they need to become life long learners;
* fostering creativity and innovation in our pupils through an exciting and engaging curriculum;
* building a coherent and inspiring learning journey by working together and with our local Secondary schools, ensuring effective transition to each new stage of learning for pupils and
* creating among pupils a sense of local pride and the possibilities afforded by the wider world.

Improve the Quality of Teaching and Learning by:

* looking to recruit outstanding practitioners to our schools;
* seeking to retain and develop talented professionals within our schools;
* actively encourage support staff, teachers and school leaders to share their expertise for the benefit of all members of our Trust and
* providing relevant, high quality, effective professional development for all staff.

Create the right conditions for Learning by:

* ensuring that children arrive at school ready and willing to learn;
* providing a stimulating and attractive educational environment in which pupils, teachers and support staff can work effectively;
* improving attendance so that all children are in a position to learn;
* improving behaviour through clear and consistent expectations and an engaging curriculum that meets their personalised needs;
* improving continuity in learning so that pupils do not lose momentum, or interest, when they change classes or schools and
* improving the health and well-being of pupils and their carers in partnership with other agencies.

Harness the resources of the Community by working:

* together to create long term and sustainable partnerships so that we can achieve significantly more for pupils and our schools than we can by working alone;
* with parents and carers to help them make an effective contribution to their children’s learning;
* work with our local Secondary schools, to facilitate continuity of expectations, policy and practice.
* with community organisations to extend what we can offer to pupils and their families
* with external partners to support our work in a variety of ways.
* making efficient and effective use of our resources. The Trust will provide schools with significant collective bargaining power in their negotiations with suppliers of goods and services. This will enable them to secure best value and prioritise funding for teaching and learning.


As a Co-operative Foundation Trust, the schools adopted the values and principles of the Co-operative movement. As a Multi Academy Trust we continue to believe in these same values. Values such as self-help; self-responsibility; democracy; equality and solidarity. By developing an ethos of co-operation and democracy we will continue to seek to be inclusive and community focussed.

At a time when local Authority services are rapidly diminishing, schools are increasingly finding themselves working alone. The TEACH Multi Academy Trust will provide a means of bringing Canford Heath schools together, serving a common purpose and providing continuity in learning from Early Years through the Primary age range. We will seek to build good relationships with our local Secondary schools, aiming to help pupils transfer smoothly into the next phase of their education.

Val Arbon. Chief Executive Officer. TEACH Trust. May 2015