Academy Consultation

You will be aware that the four schools within the TEACH Trust, Ad Astra Infant School, Canford Heath Infant School, Canford Heath Junior School and Haymoor Junior school have been consulting with parents and staff regarding a proposal to convert each school into an Academy, and create a `Primary` Multi Academy Trust on Canford Heath. This consultation lasted from 6.11.14 to 18.12.14. Details of what it means to become an Academy, and be part of a Multi Academy Trust, were published on each schools website from 6.11.14 and were available on request at each school office.

Please see our full Consultation Report.

Having considered the full range of feedback from the consultation process, and having discussed the advantages and disadvantages of conversion, the governors from each of the 4 schools are able to announce that they voted at a meeting, held at Ad Astra Infant School on 7.1.15, to strengthen the current partnership and become part of a newly formed `TEACH` Multi Academy Trust. It is currently planned, following legal advice and consultation with the Department for Education, that this conversion will take place on 1st April. However, there is some discussion that this date may change.

This is an exciting decision! By securing the increased funding which comes from being an Academy we can build further on the good work we have already achieved by working as a Foundation Trust. Whilst the increased funding will be offset by some increased costs there should be sufficient funding to build the capacity we need to take forward agreed initiatives, seek economies of scale, and respond to the increasing pressures faced in education today.

The Governors and Trustees would like to thank all those engaged with the consultation process, particularly those Trustees and members of the 4 governing bodies who committed considerable time and energy in reaching this decision.

If you have a query about anything relating to this matter please feel free to Contact Us.


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